Switching from FreedomPop to Republic Wireless

A few months ago my wife and I both got refurbished HTC Evo Design 4G phones from FreedomPop. The phones were $99 each and the data-based service that offers 200 minutes of voip calling and 500mb of 3G data on Sprint’s network is completely free. I was coming from a $30 per month prepaid plan with Tmobile on a Nexus 4 and she was coming from a feature phone on Verizon. I have written a couple of articles on my experiences with FP and how to make it bearable.


Basically the FP got the job done for the two of us since we don’t make a lot of phone calls. The call quality and reliability were not good even after making significant tweaks to improve them. The Design is not a terrible phone, but it is old and can’t handle a lot of today’s modern apps. If I could get a Moto G and put it on FP, it would be a match made in heaven. But so far, from what I have found, the BYOD option for FP still isn’t completely functional, and there is no definitive list of phones that are compatible.
Since I am going to be making and receiving a lot more phone calls in the near future, I need a reliable phone and service. We tried Republic Wireless last summer with the Motorola Defy XT and had a similar experience as we are having with FP. It just wasn’t worth the cost, especially when we were expecting FP to release their free service soon. But now RW has the Moto X and some sweet new plan options. Before this calling need arose, I just couldn’t justify the money for switching back to RW. I loved the idea of a nice phone on a flexible prepaid plan, but it is really hard to beat free.

So today I ordered a black Moto X on the $10 plan from RW and am hopeful that it will be the right solution for my needs. I can still use my FP phone’s wifi tethering to for 3G access in a pinch or switch to the $25 3G or $40 4G data options with RW if need be.


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